Top of Europe is an organization for gay fetish clubs in Northern Europe.

From Aarhus in the western part of Denmark to Tallinn in Estonia and from Malmoe in southern Sweden to Oslo in Norway you will see a fetish scene you only will find in great cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, and London. We northern Europeans love wearing fetish gear. In the wintertime also because leather keeps you warm but why not explore fetish in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Estonia all year around?

The clubs in Northern Europe have more than 3,000 members so there is a great interest in both being member of a fetish club and for growing fetish with other men. So remember to pack your fetish gear when traveling to  Tallinn, Helsinki, Aarhus, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Malmö or Gothenburg. There are many fetish clubs to visit and men to “see”.

We look forward to see you in our clubs!

Eigil JL.
Secretary General of Top of Europe

Esa Y.
Under Secretary of Top of Europe