The objective of Top of Europe is to foster bonds of unity and brotherhood between clubs in Northern Europe for gay and bisexual male members with an interest in leather, rubber, sport, skinhead, uniform or similar masculine fetishes.

Top of Europe is an organization for fetish clubs in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. We build on the legacy from both Tom of Finland, the European leather and rubber scene and the special Northern Europe culture with openness and friendship across borders. We believe that we can follow the trends that come and ensure that they are incorporated into the DNA that the clubs already have. Tom of Finland can easily be mixed with puppy plays, neoprene and other themes in the future.

Please visit the clubs here:

LMC Estonia, Tallinn Estonia



MSC Finland, Helsinki Finland




SLM Aarhus, Denmark
SLM Copenhagen, Denmark



SLM Gothenburg, Sweden
SLM Malmoe, Sweden
SLM Stockholm, Sweden


SLM Oslo, Norway